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WordPress SEO Services

Keyword Focus & Research Project

A Keyword Focus & Research Project is the foundation for all SEO projects and plans. We research and find the best keywords and keyphrases for your business to focus on, including what your top competitors are using.

Your project will include:

Initial Consultation

We'll start by understanding your business goals and target audience to tailor your SEO strategy.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our strategic research will uncover the best terms for attracting your target audience.

Keyword Mapping

We'll map selected keywords to relevant pages on your site to improve relevance and ranking.


We'll schedule optimization and review of your content based on your strategic keywords.

Reporting & Recommendations

Clear reports and recommendations guide future strategies and improvements.

Support & Care

Talk to our team anytime you have a question! We provide friendly, easy-to-understand answers.

WordPress SEO Monthly Services

Monthly SEO Subscription Plan

Maintain and enhance your website’s search engine performance with continuous SEO management, tracking, and optimization to keep your site on top of search results.

Your plan will include:

Continuous Optimization

We'll regularly review content and meta tags to keep your site relevant and improve rankings.

Keyword Tracking

Monitoring keyword performance helps us refine and adapt your SEO strategy over time.

Active SEO Management

Continuous competitor analysis keeps you ahead of industry trends and maintains your market position.

Reporting & Analysis

Monthly reports provide detailed insights into your SEO performance and guide our ongoing efforts.

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