Branding Strategy & Design

Your Personal Design Team

Look Pro From The Start

You’re not a designer, but you want to look professional. We can help your brand personality shine.

Our guided process will ensure your brand has a memorable logo, cohesive colors and fonts – all designed to attract your ideal client from the first moment they make contact with your company.

Branding Service Highlights


We use a variety of engaging exercises to help you define your unique position in the market, and how to differentiate yourself from the competition.


We’ll help you find your voice in the marketplace and create a brand personality that speaks to your ideal customers and clients.

Logo Design

A logo is kind of like your face: People should instantly recognize it as unique,  and mentally link it to who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

Style Guide Creation

Design Once &
Use Everywhere

With our professionally guided help, we’ll choose a beautiful color palette, typefaces, and create a style guide that you can use throughout your whole business, from your website to printed materials and beyond. 

Design Principles

Evergreen Design

Our goal is not only to make sure everything looks great now but also years down the road as well. Let us show off your personality through design while resonating with customers at every touchpoint they have with your brand!

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Free Branding Consultation

Ready To Brand Your Business Like A Pro?

Whether you’re launching your startup, or rebranding an existing business, Pathbrand can help you get it done right. Take the first step toward a better brand and contact us to start the conversation.

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